Dario's selection of old saddle-soap cans

How to care for your Tripolina

Your Tripolina is built to last; it will grow old with you.

It shouldn’t need much care apart from dusting. The most important thing is to keep it away from splashes and dirt.

The good news is that Dario uses leather that is so rich and supple that greasy marks often get absorbed after a few days and cannot be seen.

Never use water, cleaning products, or shoe polish on the leather. They will stain it.

Every few years, the leather on your Tripolina may get dry and a little tired — central heating takes it out of the leather.

You can pep it up as follows:

  1. Wet a sponge and cover it with saddle soap (Dario uses Propert’s saddle soap);
  2. Pass the sponge all over the shiny side of the leather, in circular motions, covering it uniformly;
  3. Re-wet the sponge and repeat;
  4. Brush the saddle soap into the leather with a soft brush — the sort of brush you use to polish shoes (but not one that you have used for shoes, it will stain the Tripolina!) — paying attention to the corners;
  5. Double check that all the leather has been covered well;
  6. Re-brush everywhere.

Your Tripolina will be happy and healthy for another few years.