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Company details

The websites,,, and are owned by ALFONSI DARIO (hereinafter “Dario Alfonsi”, “Dario”, “we”, “us”, “our”), an “impresa individuale” (similar to “sole trader”) owned by Dario Alfonsi.

Contracts with Dario Alfonsi are regulated by our Terms and Conditions under Italian law.

  • Shop/workshop address: Via dei Chiavari 40, 00186 Roma, Italy
  • Telephone: (+39) 06 68 19 21 88
  • Email:
  • EU VAT Number: IT08132591002
  • Fiscal code: LFNDRA52P13H501I
  • Company Registration (Repertorio Economico Amministrativo): 1103830
  • Register of Artisans (Albo delle imprese artigiane): 248087


The person responsible for the control of personal data is Dario Alfonsi, at the above address.

We’ve designed the sites to gather as little information about you as is possible. There are no adverts to track you and we keep cookie use to the bare essentials for the site to work.

Information processed by us

We handle your personal information only if you voluntarily send it to us in an email when you buy something — name, address, details of the items you are buying, email and telephone number, etc.

We use this information only for sending or returning your order, or to contact you about it. We don’t use the information you give us for any other purpose.

Information we pass to third parties

Where necessary,e share information you give us with the following third parties, in order to collect payment and send your order :

We don’t give or sell any of your information to any other third parties.

Information processed by our hosting company

Our site is hosted on an EU-based server managed by the hosting company, SiteGround. SiteGround is fully compliant with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

SiteGround automatically collects information in its server access logs. This is information that your computer automatically sends to a site when you visit, such as: the URL (web address) that you were referred from; IP (a number assigned to your computer when you browse the web); your browser and operating system versions; and so on. Storing this information is permitted by the GDPR in order for networks to be able to detect and prevent fraud and unauthorised system access. These access logs are kept by SiteGround for 30 days and then deleted. We do not use this information ourselves.

How long we keep information

If you send us an email, we will keep it indefinitely, for historical reference.

Order details will be kept for 10 years, for tax audit purposes.

You can request a copy of the information we hold about you and you can ask that it be deleted (though we cannot delete any information that we are legally obliged to keep).


A cookie is a small text file that is saved on your computer by a site you visit. It allows the site to remember information about your visit.

On our sites, we only use cookies that are strictly necessary to make the sites work: specifically, to store which language version of the site you view.

We don’t use tracking cookies, third-party cookies, web beacons, or any similar technologies on our sites.

We also don’t use Google analytics, so Google cannot piggyback on our site to track your movements on the web. The social links on our sites — to Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, etc — are simple web links, so you are not exposed to their tracking while visiting our sites.

If you agree to buy something from us through email and we send you a link to a PayPal invoice, you will be directed to PayPal’s site to pay, where they use cookies. See PayPal’s cookie policy for their use of cookies and similar technologies.


We take all reasonable care to make sure that our websites are secure.

We store no personal information on our websites.

If you buy something from us through a PayPal invoice, you enter your credit card details on PayPal’s website. We don’t see, transmit, or store your credit card details: only PayPal has access to them.

We believe in sharing, so all the content on and is covered by a “Creative Commons Attribution – Non Commercial – Share Alike 4.0” licence.

Briefly, this means you can share photos, for example, with other people as long as it’s not for commercial use and as long as you clearly indicate that this is Dario’s photo and that it carries a Creative Commons BY-NC-SA licence. Whoever else shares it must also abide by the conditions of the licence. You can find details of the licence here.


Our privacy, security, cookie, and copyright policies may change from time to time. We will publish any changes on this page.

Privacy, security, cookie and copyright policies last updated: 10 April 2022. Download a copy.