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Chairs before and after being restored

Restoring Jeanneret, Le Corbusier and Perriand's LC1 "Basculant" - feature

Restoring an LC1 “Basculant”

The LC1 “Armchair with a Tilting Back” (“Siège à Dossier Basculant”), also known as the “Basculant”, became an icon of 20th century design. Designed by Pierre Jeanneret, Charles-Édouard Jeanneret (“Le Corbusier”), and Charlotte Perriand in 1928, it was originally made of canvas and chrome-plated tubular steel—at the time considered revolutionary in a domestic setting.


Rolf Hesland's “Fox” restoration

Rolf Hesland’s “Fox” restoration: before and after

The “Fox” chair, designed by Rolf Hesland captured our hearts. Hesland designed it in the Bruksbo design studio in the late 1950s and it was produced by Haug Snekkeri.

The geometric lines of the chair, softened by the gentle curves and rounded corners, give it a restful, inviting air.


Jens Risom chair in natural leather and wood

Restoring Jens Risom chairs: before and after

Brought in with the Bruno Mathsson chairs, this side chair—designed by Jens Risom in 1943—is beautifully harmonious. The proportions are perfect.

It was unusable when it arrived, because of a previous restoration that was done badly. Dario restored it perfectly.


Restoring Charlotte Perriand chairs

Restoring Charlotte Perriand chairs: before and after

Selected by Charlotte Perriand for the French ski resort Les Arcs in 1970, these chairs are adorable.

Before restoration, the old leather was stained, dried-out, and cracked in places. After a faithful restoration they’re ready to impart Perriand’s fun to a whole new generation.


Restoring Bruno Mathsson chairs

Restoring Bruno Mathsson chairs: before and after

These beautiful Bruno Mathsson chairs were brought to us in a sorry state. They’d been badly restored in the past, with poor-quality leather, which was not woven tightly enough to support the user; nor faithful to the original design.

Dario restored them to their former beauty.