Dario Alfonsi‘s workshop is in the historic centre of Rome, near Campo de’ Fiori:

Via dei Chiavari 40,
00186 Rome,

Telephone: (+39) 06 68 19 21 88

Email: dario@alfonsidario.it (replies to non-Italian emails may take a few days)

Opening hours

Monday–Saturday: 9am–1pm 2pm–7pm

Saturdays in summer: 9am–1pm

August: call first to check we’re open

Frequently Asked Questions

I have a broken belt/bag/purse/shoe. Can Dario fix it?
If Dario made it, yes. If Dario didn’t make it, no. This helps us concentrate on making new chairs and restoring design classics.
Do you ship internationally?
Yes, we do this often. We will agree the costs with you by email. Once payment is received, we will ship your custom-made goods anywhere in the world.
How should I clean my Tripolina?
See this article in the blog: How to care for your Tripolina
Could you tell me how much it will cost to restore my chair at home?
Yes, we can give you a quote if you send us some photos or bring it into the workshop. If you’re sending photos, try to take several shots from different angles.
Will you also restore or repair the wooden parts of my chair?
If it is in reasonable condition, we will clean it up. But if the chair is in poor condition, you will need to get it restored by a specialist.
Can you restore my old sofa cushions?
We can recommend a good upholsterer in Rome who can do this.
Do you accept credit cards?
Yes, we accept all major credit cards in the shop.