Dario Alfonsi’s workshop is in the historic centre of Rome, near Campo de’ Fiori — between the Colosseum and the Vatican:

Via dei Chiavari 40, 00186 Rome, Italy.

(+39) 0668192188


Opening hours

Monday–Saturday: 9am–1pm; 2pm–7pm

Saturdays in summer: 9am–1pm

August: call first to check we’re open

About Dario

Dario sorting templates in his workshop

Read about Dario’s 50 years of experience, the materials he uses, and his workshop

Frequently Asked Questions

Leather and restoration work

How much would it cost to restore a chair I have at home?

We can give you a quote if you send us some photos or bring it into the workshop. If you’re sending photos, try to take several shots from different angles (including from underneath).

Will you also restore or repair the wooden or chrome parts of my chair?

If the chair structure is in a reasonable condition, we will clean it up. But if it is in poor condition, you will need to get it restored by a specialist.

Can you restore my old sofa cushions?

We can recommend a good upholsterer in Rome who can do this.

Do you sell the leather tops of Tripolinas, without the base?

Yes, we do. However, this is complicated because there are lots of different-sized Tripolina bases around — the original 1877 Tripolina was much smaller, for example. To custom-make the right-sized seat, you will need to bring (or send) your base to us. Contact us if you want to do this.

How should I clean my Tripolina?

See this article in the blog.

I have a broken belt / bag / purse / shoe. Can Dario fix it?

If Dario made it, yes. If Dario didn’t make it, no. This helps us concentrate on making new chairs and restoring design classics.

Buying from Dario

How can I buy a chair from Dario?

You’re very welcome to come and see us in the workshop; we’d love to see you. If you cannot make it here, and want to have a custom-made chair shipped to you, we will agree the costs with you by email and send you a PayPal pro-forma invoice. This will direct you to the PayPal site, where you can pay by credit/debit card. Our prices are in euro, with sales tax included. For orders outside the EU, prices do not include any import taxes or tariffs, which you may need to pay, depending on your country. Once payment is received, we will make your chairs and ship them to you. For more details, see our Terms & Conditions.

I’m not sure which colour to choose. Can you help?

Sure. We’ve done our best to help you see the colours of the hides we use in the photos on the site. However, colours can vary from one computer monitor to another and the lighting in the workshop may not be the same as the lighting in your home — many things may vary. If you want to be really sure of the colour to order, contact us for a sample of the leather you’re interested in.

Which credit/debit cards do you accept?

For distance selling, we use PayPal for our credit/debit card transactions. So any card accepted by them is fine — currently MasterCard, Maestro, Visa, Visa Electron, American Express, and Aura. In person, in the workshop, we accept all major credit cards.

Do I need a PayPal account to pay you?

No. We use PayPal to generate invoices that you can then pay with your credit/debit card on their site. You don’t need an account with them for this. However, if you do have an account with them and prefer to pay that way, you can.

Can I pay by bank transfer instead?

Sure. Contact us and we’ll give you the details.

What do you do with my personal details?

We use the personal details that you send us by email only to send you the invoice and the goods that you have ordered. For more information, see our privacy policy.


Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we ship all over the world. Dario has happy clients in Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, China, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Israel, Italy, Japan, Malta, Netherlands, New Guinea, New Zealand, Norway, Russia, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States of America, and Vatican City.

How long will it take to make my chair?

If the leather / colour is in stock, this usually takes 1-2 weeks. If the leather / colour needs to be ordered from the tannery, it can take 3-4 weeks.

How much are delivery costs?

The cost of sending a single Tripolina chair varies: from 70 euro (for example, to send to France) to 150 euro (for example, to send to New Zealand). Larger or non-folding chairs will cost more. We use the courier company Mail Boxes Etc. to send the package and final delivery is generally with UPS, FedEx, TNT — it can vary. Note that we don’t cover taxes or tariffs that might be applied when the goods are imported to your country.

How long will it take to arrive?

It normally takes 3–7 days from dispatch to delivery, depending on the courier/country.

What should I check when my package arrives?

It would be great if you could open it up in front of the courier and see whether there has been any damage during shipping, but we realise that this isn’t always possible. As a minimum, check that the packaging is intact and that there is no visible damage.

If the packaging is damaged, make sure that this is brought to the attention of the courier at delivery time and indicate that there has been damage next to your signature. Photos of the packages before opening would also help us take up any issues with the courier company.

Returns and consumer rights

What are my rights if I don’t buy in the workshop?

If you are a consumer and you haven’t asked for your purchase to be personalised, you have the right to cancel your order (without giving any reason) within 14 days of you — or someone designated by you — physically receiving it.

What if the goods have been personalised?

If you’ve asked for a chair to be personalised — with a stitched name, for example — then we cannot accept returns unless the chair is faulty.

For more details on your rights to cancel and receive a refund, see our Terms & Conditions.

Having said all this, we’re sure that you will love your chairs as much as we did while we were making them.